From planning to management, we’ve got you covered

Who are we?

Fueling the fire within us to make & shape your dreams into reality! The 9 Wings Communications Team is a group of young go-getters who believe in leaving no stone unturned to deliver exceptional performance.

We believe in telling your brand’s story through remarkable visuals that will plunge your audience into experiencing your brand through your Social Media Communication.

We are stalkers & won’t stop until we track down the entire funnel. The journey from your prospective client becomes a consumer, we have you covered!

We give your brands wings that will help you fly in the right directions!

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Let's get you wings!

We kick-off every project with Market research, Competitive Research (Qualitative + Quantitative Market Research). Then we build a specific Social Media Marketing that will help you surpass your goals

Social Media Marketing

Paid & Organic, social media is where we thrive. With an appropriate research we help identify which social media platforms work the best for your business as every platform has a specific audience that we can cater to.

Web Design & SEO

Evert consumer touch point is key in the success of a campaign – especially when it comes to website. Our team is unusually talented and will build a slick design optimized for converting for your brand.


We’ll bring your brand to life through story-telling and tonal identity your customers love and your competitors loathe.


Creative is the heart if any campaign. It can make or break your brand. 9 Wings has perfected the art of story-telling and the process of finding out to make your brand stand out through compelling content & creatives.

What makes us different?

We are bound to innovation not tradition.

We approach every project with a purpose-built team of creative specialists, composed of category experts and culturally aligned natives.

We formulate strategies that define the brands of our partners, pushing the boundaries of human experience in a digital first world!

Your brand will narrate a story to your consumers only by your communications!


Our Production Wing

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Our Clientele

Let’s get you wings & make you soar higher!